Online gambling in india 2020

An enlightened guide to guide you through the world of online betting

We have seen a gradual rise in online gambling over the years. We have also witnessed new online casinos opening, which means that the demand for online games is high. In 2020 demand for online casino games is expected to continue to grow, which is logical given what is happening in the world right now. However, in order for these casinos to grow and become a brand, these services must take care of their reputation, avoiding any form of fraud.

Our selection of casinos - 07. 2021
The name of the casino
User rating
Welcome bonus
player reviews
Complete reviews »
₹225,000 and 225 Free Spins
Super specials
Top-tier software providers
Live chat open 24/7
No fees on deposits or withdrawals
player reviews
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₹150,000 +30 Free Spins
Great selection of games
Very solid sportsbook
0-24 withdrawal time frame
player reviews
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₹30,000 + 20 Free Spins
New casino
Transactions protected by SSL
Huge selection of games from several providers
player reviews
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₹90,000 Welcome Package
Hyper reliable
Top-tier software providers
Accepts Indian players and their currency
player reviews
Complete reviews »
₹80,000 Welcome Offer
Super specials
Clean and easy to use website
No fees on deposits or withdrawals
Very solid sportsbook
player reviews
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₹50,000 rupees + 10 Free Spins
Great selection of games
Approved by iTech Labs
Various withdrawal methods
player reviews
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Bonuses of ₹70,000
Mobile version
0-24 withdrawal time frame
Live chat open 24/7
The only site with Betsson Classic video slots
player reviews
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₹25,000 for Indian Players
Great selection of games
UK Gambling License
Allows Indian punters
Excellent bonuses and promotional offers
player reviews
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₹100,000 Welcome Offer
Super specials
User friendly interface
Mobile friendly design
Live chat open 24/7
player reviews
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₹20,000 Deposit ₹10,000
Hyper reliable
Casino available in multiple languages
Live casino games
SSL Encryption

We have seen many changes in the industry since gambling first appeared on the internet. Previously, the player used to go to the local casino to play roulette or blackjack. It was a little tricky, because this kind of game is definitely not comfortable. Much has changed since casinos came to the Internet, because now everyone can access such games at any time. We truly value the contribution of technology to the gambling industry. It allows gambling to grow rapidly. Today, your mobile devices can give you a choice between different online casino providers.

These sites provide more than what is stated on their pages. With the rapid rise, players expect an excellent gaming experience as well as big prizes. Most of the slot machines on casino sites boast large jackpots that can change the lives of players. In 2020, we were able to experience live casinos, which also contributed to the growth of the online slots industry. So players can feel the atmosphere of a real casino with real dealers.

If you are a casino owner, it will not be good for you to include digital marketing in your business development plan. This will help you better connect with different players.

Why is it worth playing at an online casino?

Online casino platforms are very popular with users. They attract players with their many benefits. Once on one of the most popular platforms, the player will be able to count on such pleasant and useful things as:

  1. Attractive design. It is quite pleasant to be on the online casino website for a long time because of the great design.
  2. A wide variety of slot machines. The catalog of one such casinos can easily accommodate several hundred machines.
  3. Convenient service management. Thanks to the intuitive navigation and search system, the visitor can easily find everything that interests him.
  4. Free launch of any games in demo version. The free spins games format is both a fun experience and a training platform.
  5. Support for active players with bonus points. With these bonuses, players will be able to place bets without wasting their own finances.
  6. Granting various privileges. And, also, special opportunities for members of the club with a VIP rank.
  7. Organization of profitable, entertaining promotions and tournaments. In such events, you can get a lot of positive emotions and compete for colossal prize pools.
  8. Fast registration. To become the owner of a personal account and gain access to all the features of the online casino gaming service, the user will need no more than a minute.
  9. Sending news messages. Thanks to this, the player of the casino will always be timely informed about the most profitable promotions.

This is the list of the most common advantages of online casinos. This is something that can be found in any best online casino in india. Because of this things, it becomes much easier, more profitable and more comfortable to use slot machines for enrichment and entertainment.

But before you receive really good profit, as well as get a win, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of slots that you are going to play. This will help not only to get the maximum benefit from visiting online casinos, but also provide an opportunity to achieve significant results.

Thus, testing or playing for real money in slots, you can get truly great experience.

Benefits of online gambling

  1. Availability. Modern online casinos are just a few clicks away. All you need is to find the appropriate one for the game, and you can dive into the world of excitement and entertainment. If you have already found a casino that suits you, then it will cost nothing to use it from any gadget that has a network connection. All reliable online casinos are mobile-friendly, allowing you to play from virtually anywhere.
  2. Comfort. You don’t need to leave your home to enjoy your favorite games. You can start playing lying on the couch or sitting in your favorite chair. Even if you are on vacation, you can enjoy the game while sunbathing on the beach. Here you are able to determine the level of comfort yourself.
  3. Variety of games. In a modern online casino, you can find a lot of interesting games that you will enjoy. There are slot machines, card games, craps, and more. Just choose what suits you the most, and you can safely plunge into the world of excitement and other gaming pleasures.
  4. Minimum investment. If you want to enjoy gambling without the risk of losing a significant amount of money, then an online casino is the perfect solution. Here you can replenish your gaming account with just a few dollars and enjoy the game for hours, because the minimum bets can really be extremely low. So if you are looking for a casino purely for entertainment, then the online versions will be a great option for you.
  5. Possibility to hit the jackpot. If you came to the world of gambling hoping for a big win that can completely change your life, then online casinos will definitely be able to offer something interesting. First of all, it should be noted that such portals initially give their customers a higher chance of success. So the loss of money will always be minimal. In addition, you can always participate in the jackpot drawing, which will open up interesting opportunities for you. Here, even with small bets, you have a chance to win a serious amount of money.
  6. Official status. Also, do not forget that most professional sites have official status and can offer you a quality level of service. But you should initially make sure that the casino you have chosen is licensed and working legally.
  7. Ability to grow. If you choose for yourself certain types of online money earning games, where the outcome depends on the actions of the player, then you will have the opportunity to gradually increase the size of your winnings.

Is online gambling in India legal?

Short answer is yes. If you live in India, then you must known that gambling culture here is not like in the rest of the world. In no other country, there are so many people who want to win big money by playing in the casinos. In India, casino players prefer classic games such as blackjack, baccarat, slots, craps, video poker and roulette, but they also prefer like games such as Pappu, Flash, Inside Out and Dice.

When it comes to playing online casino games, players in India have a lot of options to choose from, including roulette, blackjack and online slot machines. But not every platform for online gambling in India is ideal for casino enthusiasts. If you are like most online casino players, then you want to know that you are safe while gambling.

That is why we recommend only real money casinos that are licensed and regulated by international online gambling regulatory agencies. Although the licenses do not belong to India, they are internationally recognized all over the world. So, when you deposit money in your casino account and come out with a big win, you can be confident that your money is safe.

It is easy to deposit money to your online casino account – if you know where to play. Some sites will exaggerate that they are friendly towards the players of India but, when you go to deposit, it is possible that no casino types of payment methods is available in India. Therefore, we have ensured that the sites we select accept the submission methods that most people expect from online casino in India.

How we rate gambling sites

Casino players in India have specific needs. Therefore, we have gone ahead and evaluated every online casino opened to Indian players in many aspects:

Indian Customer Service

Customer Service – only online casinos with phone numbers and customer service that has people from India are included in our list. Indeed, those who were weak in terms of 24/7 support were left out of our list. This is where we started. Then we saw how convenient and accessible customer service is, how they handle problems, their understanding of local casino rules and traditions. Based on all this we gave a rating.

Game variety

Types of games – we know that casino players in India demand diversity. Therefore our catalog provides hundreds of online casinos for your entertainment. This includes the best online slot machine games, every table game you will find at an Indian casino resort (including online roulette and blackjack), and new games you may have never heard of before.

Software and Gameplay

Software & Gameplay – stable online casino software with a reliable connection to international servers only. If we have experienced any inappropriate technical issue while evaluating Indian online casino, we have removed it from our list.

Gambling license India

National_Indian_Gaming_Commission_logoLicense – let us again reiterate that in our list of top India online casinos, only those sites which have license and which are regulated. We know that casino players in India want to know if their money is safe, so only the best are included in our list.

We have discovered great sites for real money casino players in India. Our selection of top-notch casinos opened to players in India includes only those sites that have stood out in our rigorous evaluation process.

We recommend downloading the software for any site of our choosing for free. You do not have to spend real money to play. Many of our selections allow you to test-drive games for free, including free online roulette and free spins games. Once you find the site that you like, make a deposit and you will be entitled to the specific bonus for which we have tied up – for Indian players only.

Mobile gambling

mobile_casinoYou no longer need to stick to your computer while playing online casinos, as more and more players are now using their mobile devices for gaming – including smart phones and tablets. This can be done from any device, from Apple to Samsung, as mobile casinos work on all operating systems, such as iOS or Android. So, whether you’re at work, traveling on a train, or relaxing in a cafe, you’ll be able to play in your favorite casino using your mobile device – meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to win real money.

There are two basic ways for players in India to play in online casino on their smartphone or tablet: by downloading an app, or through a browser. For those who have iOS or Android devices, downloading the app is a great option, as it is easy and convenient. However, not all casinos provide iOS or Android app, so playing through a browser is equally enjoyable. People using Blackberry, Fire tablet or Windows will find that the selection of apps is low, so they have to visit the site through their browser. Wherever you play, you will have access to many mobile casino games, and there is a possibility of winning a lot of money.

When it comes to playing in the casinos on mobile phone, it is true that some of these are altered versions of the original. This is only because mobile networks do not provide the speed required for them to be played properly. Their quality will improve as 4G is upgraded and 5G is introduced. The quality is still very good, and table games – such as online roulette and blackjack – can be played without problems. Mobile slot machines are also good, and offer many bonus rounds as well as big prizes – including huge jackpots.

Users who use their iPhone, Samsung or other mobile devices for gaming are concerned about security. However this should not become an issue, as many mobile sites we recommend have the highest level of security, meaning you can play with confidence. Of course, you should not put your personal details on the phone while on an unsecured network.

Indian casinos we recommend to stay away from

Not all casinos have been rated equally. Our experts put extra effort into identifying not only bad online gambling cases in India but also those sites which are dangerous. Like you, we also want a positive experience while playing for real money. Negative cases prove to be very expensive and need to be avoided. While we know you’ll like the best sites we’ve listed at the top of the page, it’s important to know about these blacklisted casinos:

  • Amco Casino
  • Orange Gamez
  • iButler Casino

How to make money gambling online

Online casinos have their own specifics, and of course, it should be taken into account when playing. Not everything that is suitable in the case of conventional land-based casinos will be able to help in the case of online casinos.

Of course, all of the following is dictated by ordinary common sense, but at the same time, many players for some reason ignore these points.

Study the rules of each new online casino before playing. And even if this is a casino that is already familiar to you, it will not be bad to check the latest changes in the rules.

Make the most of online casino bonuses. The main advantage of online casinos is these “free money” – bonuses, so why give them up? As long as you play with bonuses, you have an advantage over online casino. If you play without bonuses, the casino has an edge over you.

If you want not only to enjoy the game, but also to win … or, if you don’t want to win, then get the most fun and playing time for your money – learn the basic strategies for your favorite casino games!

Of course, these strategies do not guarantee you a win at all, but they will reduce the advantage of the casino to a possible minimum, which, once again, will increase your chances of winning and extend the time of playing in an online casino.

Common misconceptions about online casinos

Superstitions in Internet casinos have no place! Your success is determined only by math and your playing skills. Everything else is useless and does not have the right to be taken seriously.

It is widely believed that the success of a casino game depends on your current emotional state. That is, if you are in a bad mood, you will lose. We can assure you that this is complete nonsense.

When it seems that the random number generator of an online casino has gone crazy, and the game is somehow supernaturally improbable, many players give up and begin to abandon the only mathematically correct basic strategy. “Play on the Sense” – 10 times out of 10 will lead you to much worse results than playing with a predefined strategy. Do not panic and stick to your strategy.

“NOTs” for online casino players

Do not play with the money that you should receive in the near future, but have NOT received yet. Anything can happen in life, and according to the Murphy’s Law, it is often that something changes and it usually not for the better. Playing only with funds that you can easily afford to lose is the most important rule of any player.

The next point has something in common with the previous one. Do not spend and do not count on the money that you have already won at the casino, but have not yet received. All people have weaknesses, and if you do not have 100% iron discipline, then there is a small but chance that you will not see this money – just decide to play a little more and … such a decision can be fatal.

Do not play in the online casino after ordering cash out of your winnings. This is a very good rule of thumb to follow. And the point here is not at all that the casino can tweak something in your game in order to prevent you from withdrawing money. The fact is that in online casinos the most important thing for you is earn money gambling online.

Start winning at the top online casinos

So these are all things worth knowing. Now you have got the answers to all the frequently asked questions about Indian online casinos. Only one question remains, how to get started, and we can help you with this too. All of our approved Indian-friendly casinos listed here are on and waiting for you. Create your free player account today and get a chance to see what a top online casino actually looks like!

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