Condiciones del Plan

Rent in advance
New property and used
12 to 36 months 42 to 48 months
6 to 48 months  renta de autos en monterrey
Individually paid
Professional natural person
Natural person doing business
Legal entity 0% 0%
Owned and used
Paid individually for 12 to 48 months
6 to 48 months
Professional natural person 12 to 48 months 6 to 48 months
Natural person with business activity 12 to 48 months 6 to 48 months
Moral person 12 to 48 months 6 to 48 months
Opening Committee
2.0% plus VAT
On the value of the car and for the duration of the contract.

Recruitment requirements
Know the valid documents in each profile for concluding this plan.

Car insurance on customer account
If you decide to take out this insurance yourself, you must meet the requirements of the Car Insurance customer’s account.

Life insurance for customer accounts
If you decide to arrange this insurance in person, you must meet the requirements of the client account Insurance of the debtor’s balance (life).

Unemployment insurance customer account
If you choose this insurance yourself, you will have to meet the requirements of Unemployment Insurance for the client’s account. More about leasing here
To borrow from Leasing, visit your nearest Volkswagen Group dealer
The contract must be concluded in Mexican pesos and must have nationwide coverage at Volkswagen Group dealers in the country.

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(800) 2020 680

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

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“Volkswagen Financial Services, The Key to Activity” means in Spanish: “Volkswagen Financial Services, The Key to Activity”.

Failure to meet your obligations can generate commissions and standard interest rates. Take care of your ability to repay, usually the repayment of your credit should not exceed 35% of your regular income, the cost of late repayment is very high. Once the guarantor is in operation, the joint and several debtor as co-loan: The guarantor, joint or multiple debtor or co-loan guarantees as the primary debtor of the commercial entity. For more information, visit the nearest Volkswagen Group Authorized Service Center. Target rental, art. 28 Frac. XIII, third paragraph of the LISR (Income Tax Act) for ISR purposes: 100% deductibility up to $ 200 pesos per day, providing a total of $ 6,000 pesos per month. Interest is considered to be an expense that reduces the tax base. -Art. 36 Fraction. LISR II: Investment in cars can be deducted up to 175,000 pesos. Available on new cars. Income is deductible under current law. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding the services arranged by Volkswagen Leasing, S.A. in CV. Please contact us at the Customer Center at 800 2020 680 or by email at

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